Mechanic’s guide: What to buy your car-mad loved one in Christmas 2024

Mechanic’s guide: What to buy your car-mad loved one in Christmas 2024

Published: 13.12.2022

Have you got an auto obsessive in your life?

Want to get them a great gift they’ll tell all their friends about?

At Duffy Motors, we know what car enthusiasts want to get for Christmas (mainly because it’s what we want for Christmas too).

So here’s what our mechanics think you should buy for your petrolhead partner or family member.

A scale model of their fantasy car

model bugatti present idea

We all have a dream car we’d love to own one day (and some of us don’t shut up about it).

Unfortunately, most of these fantasy cars are outside the average gift budget. So what’s the next best thing?

Good scale models are super realistic and the replicas come in a range of sizes and prices.

The smallest (usually 1:64) are around 10cm long, while the biggest (usually 1:18) can measure over 25cm.

A race track experience

Does your loved one fancy themselves as the next Lewis Hamilton?

Get them a race track experience day for Christmas and let them show off their skills.

There are all sorts of race track packages out there. Most include a few laps in different supercars and come with expert instruction from a track expert.

Some tracks even offer a junior race day experience for kids as young as 10.

F1 tickets

The best way to experience a Formula 1 race is up close and personal.

There’s nothing like the smell of rubber and the scream of high performance engines whizzing past at 200 miles per hour.

If your loved one is into F1, tickets to an iconic track like Silverstone, Monaco, or Monza would be an unforgettable gift. We would know – we celebrated Duffy Motors’ 10th birthday at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 2018.

F1 silverstone track empty

A car detailing kit

Some petrolheads take great pride in keeping their cars looking tip top all year round.

If your partner or family member is always washing their car – rain or shine – then a detailing kit might be the perfect gift for them.

There are lots of kits out there – including some cheap stocking filler sets.

The bigger kits usually include a range of cleaning products, like specialist car shampoo, body polish, and wheel cleaner. They also come with a range of applicators, including sponges, cloths and brushes, plus instructions on how to use it all.

An automotive LEGO set

For the car enthusiast who loves to build and create, a four-wheeled LEGO set could be the perfect gift.

These kits can keep children and adults entertained for hours on end and include all sorts of amazing details like steering wheels and engines.

Some of the amazing kits on offer include the McLaren Formula 1 Race Car, the classic Back to the Future DeLorean and a Ferrari Daytona.

A personalised licence plate

If you’ve got a car-obsessed loved one who likes to stand out from the crowd then a personalised licence plate might be the way to go.

These plates can be customised with their name or a special message to add a unique touch to their ride.

There are all sorts of registration plates to choose from, but some of the most striking ones are expensive, so you might have to get creative with the letters and numbers.

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A Christmas car service

Ok, this one isn’t quite as exciting as some of our other suggestions, but it is important!

Automotive enthusiasts know that getting your car serviced at least once per year can help optimise performance and keep your car chugging along happily year after year.

If your loved one is the kind of person that appreciates practical gifts – or you really can’t think of what else to buy them – then give Duffy Motors a call and we’ll try to make their Christmas extra special!

Call us on: 0161 834 4168.