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How much is an MOT test?

Duffy Motors charges £54.85 for an MOT test, which is the government's recommended retail price. Some providers will offer a discount but may try and recover these costs in other ways.

How long does an MOT test take?

In a perfect world, your MOT would take about 60 minutes. But to allow us time to get everything set up and move cars in and out of the shop it is best to leave about two hours to get everything done. That way you won't be waiting around for the test to finish. From our base in Manchester City Centre, there are a lot of things to do. For some ideas, read our blog post on things to do while you wait for an MOT.

What do I need to bring to my MOT?

Just your car. You just need to worry about registration documents or any old MOT certificates.

Can I drop my car off early?

We can arrange an earlier drop-off if it is pre-arranged. We normally open at 8.30, but you can bring your car in a little earlier if that works for you.

Can I leave my car for the day?

Because we are based in Manchester city centre, most of our customers like to leave their cars with us while they go to work or pop into town. We have lots of indoor car parking spaces so you can leave your car in the morning and pick it up in the evening, or even the next day.

What happens if my car fails its MOT test?

If your car fails then you'll be issued a "refusal of MOT certificate". You will be able to leave your car with us and we will carry out the necessary fixes. If your car is in a roadworthy condition and the MOT is still valid, then you will be able to drive the car away and have repairs completed elsewhere.

How much is an MOT retest?

If your car fails, we will perform a re-test for free - no matter what it failed on. The only restriction is that it must be re-tested within ten working days. If it is over ten working days then the system won't physically let us perform a retest.

Can I drive my car without an MOT?

The only time you can drive without a valid MOT certificate is if you are on route to a pre-booked MOT. And you will need to have proof of this in case you get stopped on the way.

Is it cheaper to get a service and MOT at the same time?

Many of our customers prefer to get their MOT and service completed at the same time. It isn't any cheaper, but it is easier than driving here twice. Getting your service done before your MOT also means that your car is less likely to fail on something minor like not having the screen wash topped up.

Do I need to go to my manufacturer for an MOT or service?

To keep your manufacturers warranty, your car needs to be serviced using approved oil and parts. As long as your garage uses these parts, EU competition rules mean that the manufacturer must honour the warranty. Read this blog post for more information.

What is an MOT advisory?

An MOT advisory can be issued when a car passes, but the tester wants to keep an eye on something that may need repairing in the future. Advisory notes are often issued for things like tyre depth when they are close to the end of their lifespan. They can reduce a vehicles resale value, but if the problem is fixed then an advisory note can be removed with an MOT retest.

Can I find out who completed my last MOT test?

You can find out about a cars MOT history on the Governments MOT History Check service. There you can find out about the MOT history, and if you have the V5C number from the vehicles log book then you can find out who completed the last MOT.

What are the new MOT rules?

The MOT rules changed slightly in 2018, but the substance of the test remains largely the same. The most significant changes included: a new categorisation of defects stricter rules on diesel emissions new items tested as part of an MOT a new MOT certificate vehicles over 40 years old do not need to be tested

What does MOT stand for?

MOT stands for the now-defunct Ministry of Transport, which changed its name in 1970. But MOT lives on as the name of the annual vehicle safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emissions test required of every car that's over three years old.

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