Airport meet and greet parking services are causing all sorts of problems for holidaymakers and residents in the local area.

With reports of cars being lost, damaged, filled with rubbish and driven around at high speeds, we thought we would highlight some of the worst offences that have made headlines.

Family Peugeot Trashed and Lost

In June, a family returned from their holiday in Turkey to be told that the airport meet and greet firm had lost their Peugeot 3008.

Manchester Airport Parking Services Ltd, which is not affiliated with the Manchester Airport Group, initially denied ever having the car, but later accepted having possession of the car when it turned up 35 days later on a Wythenshawe estate.

The car had dents in the roof, a broken wing mirror, a key scratch down the driver’s door, two flat tyres and damage to the bumper.

Range Rover Collects 50 Miles and a Speeding Ticket

Last week, a Lancashire businessman got back from a trip to Canada to find that his £100,000 Range Rover had collected 50 miles on the odometer while he was away.

Steve Taylor found that his vehicle, which had been left with Manchester Airport Parking Services Ltd, had been driven to Stockport and back on three separate occasions, including one trip that resulted in a speeding fine.

The parking company apologised for the misuse of the vehicle and said that the employee concerned had been fired. They also offered to pay petrol costs but said that they were waiting for proof of the speeding ticket.

Range Rover Crashes into Two Buses

In April, a couple returned from a holiday to discover that their Range Rover had been badly damaged in a crash with two buses on the M60.

The 4X4 had been travelling to Meet and Greet Manchester Airport Parking’s Stockport vehicle compound when the front and the back of the vehicle were damaged by the buses. Mike Savage told the MEN that he thinks the vehicle must have been travelling at speed.

The firm said that the collision wasn’t the driver’s fault and all the relevant information had been sent to their insurer.

Meet and Greet Manchester Airport Parking is not affiliated with the Manchester Airport Group.

Transit Van Stuffed with Rubbish

A couple of weeks later, the same firm returned a woman’s car to her filled with rubbish including mouldy takeaway packets, congealed milk and driver documentation.

Jan, who had paid £32.50 to leave her van with the company, didn’t notice the 18 bin bags stuffed in her carpeted Ford Transit van initially. But when she came back to the van the next day the smell from the rubbish was overpowering.

The company, which is not a part of the Manchester Airport Group, launched an investigation into the incident and offered to give Jan a refund and a free valet for her vehicle.

Holidaymaker Car Dumping Could be Stopped

It isn’t just the car parking firms causing a nuisance on roads around the airport, Wythenshawe residents claim that many holidaymakers leave their cars parked on their streets for up to two weeks.

Now, the council is planning to introduce residents permit parking on some of the worst affected streets to prevent holidaymakers and airport staff using the roads.

It could help stop some resident-holidaymaker skirmishes, like the car that was scrawled with ‘NO PARKING’ earlier this year.

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