Bridge works on Watson Street

As we reported the other day, there’s been all sorts of action going on outside Duffy Motors this week. Apologies for any disruption to anyone bringing their car in – its a pity we weren’t given any warning! Anyway here’s some pictures of the fun.

How to Prevent an MOT Fail

Vehicles fail their MOT for small issues that could’ve been easily avoided pre-test. You may be alarmed to find out what can fail an MO, as some issues really are quite minor. Why not organise an MOT checklist before the date of inspection to ensure your vehicle is in the best possible condition? This will […]

The Best Camper Converters

With lockdown measures continuing to ease, many of us Brits are looking to holiday within the UK. As hotel rooms become harder to find a camper van is the perfect way for couples and families to travel up and down the country – but, they can be expensive to buy. However, another option is to […]

What’s the problem with smart motorways?

Ask most people in Manchester what they think of the M60’s new ‘smart’ status and you’d probably get a barrage of complaints about it. The UK’s controversial smart motorways have come under renewed criticism amid safety concerns following a notable increase in the number of near misses and fatal accidents. An investigation by BBC Panorama […]

Car theft on the rise in the UK

Insurance claims are made every 6 minutes as a result of car theft in the UK, with the main concerns being over keyless vehicles. £376m worth of pay-outs were made in 2018 according to members of The Association of British Insurers, this is an increase of 29% from 2017. While there is no specific percentage […]

Why Aren’t People Buying New Cars?

The latest figures show that consumers are losing interest in making large purchases on credit. This isn’t a new trend in the automotive industry. There’s been a marked decline in people buying new cars since 2017. However, this wasn’t always the case. The march of the brand-new car seemed, at one time, to be unstoppable. Cheap finance […]