Don’t fall into this dealership servicing trap

Lots of new car owners don’t know that they can get their car service at an approved independent garage without voiding the dealership’s warranty. And it could be costing them hundreds of pounds every year.

Duffy Motors urges all new car owners to not fall into the dealership warranty trap.



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If you have bought a car in the last three years then you don’t need to take it to the dealership to get it serviced.

Some ‘pushy’ dealerships still warn buyers that they need to get their car serviced with the dealer if they want to keep their warranty intact.

This is wrong, and in some cases it could be illegal.

It could also be costing you a lot of money.

If you have a high performance car, like an Audi, BMW or a Mercedes, then you could be overpaying by 30-40 percent on each service, compared to visiting an equally qualified independent garage.


EU anti-competition rules

EU anti-competition rules prevent dealers from advertising themselves as the sole supplier of vehicle servicing.

Good independent garages like Duffy Motors, work within all the major manufacturers’ specifications. We only ever use approved parts and fluids, and always update vehicle service records in line with the industry standard.

This means our work will stand up to dealer scrutiny. And we have never had an issue with manufacturers refusing to honour a vehicles warranty after we have worked on it.

Why choose Duffy Motors instead of a dealership

  • Better prices – On Audis, Mercedes, BMWs and other high end cars, our prices are as much as 40% lower than the main dealerships in the area.
  • Better customer service – Unlike some dealerships, we have to earn our customer’s loyalty. We have 99+% positive feedback on the Good Garage Scheme.
  • Convenient location – We have a prime city centre location, close to a lot of major transport links and convenient for customers who want to drop their car off while they go to work.
  • Supporting local businesses – We’ve been serving our local community for over 50 years. Initially with a site in Salford then moving to the city centre in the 1980s.

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