Highways bosses have said that some of the much-hated 50mph speed limits on Manchester motorways will stay until Summer 2018 after admitting that some major deadlines will be missed.

The bulk of the works were supposed to be completed in December of this year and, who have already suffered under 50mph for more than three years, are angry with the delay.

The stretch of motorway that will be most affected by the delays is the crescent of the M60 between junction 10 at the Trafford Centre and junction 18 at Simister Island.

This stretch was supposed to be finished in December but has now been delayed until Summer 2018.

The roadworks between junctions 8 and 10 of the M60 are set to finish on time in December but the M62 works between Simister Island and Rochdale, which were supposed to be completed this Autumn have been moved back to December.

An insider on the £208m project told the Manchester Evening News: “It’s been delayed for ages, we all knew it was never going to be finished on time.”

Other people that weren’t surprised are some of the motorists who took to Twitter to complain about the delay.

How to drive on a smart motorway

Once the smart motorways are completed, it won’t be the end of speed restrictions (albeit only temporary ones). Smart motorways are characterised by the large electronic boards that hang over each lane and manage the flow of traffic.

Controllers will monitor traffic closely, setting speed limits and opening and closing lanes (including a 4th lane usually taken up by the hard shoulder) to get more cars through.

Driving on a smart motorway is straightforward, but unnerving if you haven’t come across one before. Especially because you can be fined if you break the rules.

If a broken white line appears on the board above your lane, it means that you can drive in that lane. If there is a solid white line over the hard shoulder that means you shouldn’t drive in it.

Never drive in ‘red X’ lanes. This sign indicates that there’s a problem in the lane up ahead and warns you to move out the way. You should get out of that lane as soon as possible to prevent further problems building up.

If you continue to drive in ‘red X’ lanes without exiting quickly then you can be fined.

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