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Tyre Fitting & Service

Get new car tyres fitted in Manchester City Centre or come in for a free tyre check.

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Duffy Motors offers a quick and easy fitting car tyres.

We’ll check the type and size of the tyres you need and (in most cases) get them delivered and fitted within an hour.

Tyre fitting in Manchester

Drop your car off on your way into work or the city centre in the morning, and we will call you when the tyres have been fitted and its ready to pick up.

You can leave your car with us all day if you want and avoid the city centre parking charges.

Find our garage just off Deansgate, behind the Beetham Tower.

Our prices are competitive and we never try to unnecessarily upsell our customers.

Tyres sold by Duffy Motors, the most convenient MOT and service centre in Manchester

Free tyre check

Does your car’s handling feel off in wet weather? Does it take a bit longer to stop? Have you bought part-worn tyres?

Your tyres might need replacing.

At Duffy, our priority is your safety. And since only a small part of your tyres touch the road, it can be very dangerous to drive on worn or under or over inflated tyres.

Duffy Motors recommends that all customers check their tyres regularly for signs of wear (see below).

If you want a second opinion, then we offer a free tyre check to all customers. We’ll always check your tyres during an MOT or service, but if you want it checking at any other time then just give us a call.

We can also check whether your wheels are properly aligned.

If they aren’t, and you notice your car is tracking to one side, then it can cause the tyres on one side of your car to wear out much more quickly, meaning you have to replace them more often.

Our full tyre service includes:

  • Getting the new tyres
  • Getting rid of the old tyres
  • Fitting
  • Balancing
  • Valve fitting

Checking your tyres

A proper tyre check will include checking the tread depth, the tyre pressure and the general condition of the tyre. The legal minimum for tread depth is 1.6mm (although some say that a 3mm tread depth is the safe minimum, especially when driving in the wet or at high speeds). The easiest way to check the tread depth is to take a 20 pence piece and insert it into different sections of the tyre. If you can still see the coins outer rim above the tyre tread then the tyre is probably below the legal minimum (we think it’s better to err on the side of caution when it comes to tyres).

Tyres sold by Duffy Motors, the most convenient MOT and service centre in Manchester

Many tyre manufacturers also use tread wear indicators to help you tell when a tyre wears down to unsafe levels. You should also check the tyre pressure of your tyres against the manufacturer’s guidelines. Running your car at the correct tyre pressure will make your car more economical and comfortable as well as safer.

Duffy Motors is always available for over the phone advice. If you have a problem, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call: 0161 834 4168.