Protect your car batteries this winter

We are deep into winter now, which means that your batteries are at risk.  The cold is especially bad news for car batteries, affecting the chemicals that fire up the engine, and when there is also frost and ice to contend with, you really don’t want to find yourself on the front drive in the […]

Manchester Traffic Cops Launch New Dashcam Reporting Portal

Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP’s) Operation Considerate has been running for a few years now. It allows Greater Manchester drivers and cyclists to submit video evidence of driving or motorway traffic offences, turning every car or bike into a potential traffic camera. GMP’s Traffic division suggests that over 2,000 motorists have already been prosecuted through the […]

How often should I get my car serviced

To keep your car in the best condition and avoid expensive repair bills, you need to make sure you get your car serviced regularly. Typically, you should get your car serviced every 12 months or every 12,000 miles – whichever comes first. But you might need to get your car serviced more regularly if you […]

Manchester Traffic: What Gridlock Does to Your Car

Manchester is plagued by traffic. Roadworks on Regent Road, Deansgate, Chester Road and Chorlton Road are a source of endless frustration for commuting motorists. The traffic problems came to a head in October when a Manchester United Home game brought the city centre to a standstill Jose Mourinho had to walk the final few-hundred yards […]

How to Save Money Servicing Your Car

How to Save Money Servicing Your Car We know, we know. There are a hundred things you would rather spend your hard-earned money on than some meaningless service. But a regular service plan actually helps you save in the long run. Having a professional technician check your car regularly is the best way to stop […]