Eagle-eyed website visitors might have noticed that a new section has appeared on the website. On Duffy Cars website visitors can browse nice and reliable motors on sale from Duffy Motors.

Lee Atkinson and the rest of the Duffy Motors team, have decades of experience fixing, maintaining and buying in Manchester.

In that time they have developed dozens of industry contacts and learned to spot good deals on cars that are in good condition.

And it is these cars that Duffy Motors will sell through the website.

There will be no clapped-up old bangers, no tired engines that fail their MOT after a few months of wear and nothing that is going to depreciate through the market floor.

In short, if you buy a car through Duffy Motors, you’ll get a good running car, with a good spec and a reliable service history. Oh, and you’ll get a great price too.

You’ll also benefit from our top-rated garage service, and you can drop in at our city centre garage to view the cars whenever you like.

Just Launched: Duffy Cars will sell the most reliable motors in Manchester
Duffy Cars website

Shopping for a car can be stressful. You can look online and compare all of the specifications under the sun, but putting money down for a new motor is still unnerving – especially if you aren’t really a car person.

At Duffy Motors, we have built our reputation on good customer service. Our garage has the top-rated service record in Greater Manchester on the Good Garage Scheme, and you can read feedback from more than 500 happy customers on our website.

We have always been happy to help our loyal customers pick out a new car.

If you don’t know that much about cars, you can trust us to spot things you might miss. And after so long dealing with car dealers and agents in and around the city, we know how to spot the red flags that can spell motoring disaster.

After decades in the industry, Lee regularly gets phone calls from friends and clients asking for his latest car recommendation and sometimes he even gets asked to take a look at the organs of a car before any money changes hands. Just to make sure.

With Duffy Cars, the team is trying to take the hassle and stress out of shopping around. You know it is a motor that you can rely on.

Just Launched: Duffy Cars will sell the most reliable motors in Manchester
Top-rated Garage in Greater Manchester on the Good Garage Scheme

Manchester city centre car sales

With the launch of Duffy Cars, we also want to make it easier than ever to buy a car. If you work in the city, there’s no need to take the day off work, or waste your Saturday car shopping – just pop into our garage on your lunch break or on your way back from the office. We’re conveniently located just behind the Hilton Tower.

We aren’t salesmen. We won’t turn the screw to try and make you buy. We’ll just show you the most important stats and let the quality of the car sell it for us.

Just Launched: Duffy Cars will sell the most reliable motors in ManchesterIn time, we hope to get lots of cars up on the website for sale on the website. For now, there’s only one car up there for sale, but we think its a pretty useful example of what we hope to sell in the future.

The car is a high-spec Audi Q3 Quattro, which we believe is one of the best examples of a Q3 that you will find. Check out the premium vehicle’s full range of specs on the new Duffy Cars section, and let us know if you would like to come and take a look at it.



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