As of the 14th April, Duffy Motors is open for business. You can book in your vehicle in the normal way – either online here or by phone on 0161 834 4168.

You can book in for any of our services, but the main reason we will be reopening is so that motorists can get their cars MOT’d –  we’ve been inundated with enquiries over the last few weeks.

There has also been new legislation launched around MOTs since the coronavirus crisis started. You can read it in full detail here but the key points that may affect our customers are as follows:

New Covid-19 MOT legislation – main points

  1. 6 month extension

The biggest change to the previous law surrounding MOTs is that vehicles whose MOT was due to expire ON OR AFTER 30th March 2020 can take advantage of a 6 month extension. This extension is only valid for ‘light vehicles’, so that means:

  • A car
  • A motorbike
  • A small or light van eg a Transit
  • Other light vehicles that don’t fall into the above categories eg a 3-wheeler, Quad etc
  1. You won’t get a MOT certificate

As your vehicle will continue to have its MOT, the insurance / road tax will remain valid  but you won’t receive a new certificate to cover the additional 6 months. If your tax needs renewing soon, check online that your MOT expiry has been extended BEFORE renewing your tax (see next section).

Duffy Motors - MOT & Car Service in Central Manchester

Coronavirus MOT extension – your responsibilities

 Although all vehicles in the category above will automatically have their MOT expiry extended for 6 months, you as the owner still have certain responsibilities.

  1. You are responsible for checking that your MOT expiry has been extended. The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) will update your MOT when its close to its expiry date. The advice is to check online 3 days before it was originally set to expire. If it hasn’t been extended, contact the DVSA on
  2. You must keep your car roadworthy. Just because you have an extended MOT, it of course doesn’t mean your car is now free from requiring maintenance. There is an online guide on how to check your vehicle is roadworthy but if you have any doubts, contact us here at Duffy Motors.

Duffy Motors - MOT & Car Servicing in Central Manchester

YOU CAN BE FINED UP TO £2500, BANNED FROM DRIVING AND RECEIVE PENALTY POINTS IF YOU ARE CAUGHT DRIVING AN UNFIT VEHICLE. There is no need to take this risk; Duffy Motors and other car garages are open and available to keep your vehicle in a roadworthy condition.

Call 0161 834 4168 or contact us online if you need help or have any questions. You can also keep up to date with our opening hours at and




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