My car failed its MOT – now what?

Figures from the Department for Transport show that around one in three vehicles fails its MOT first time.  Most cars fail because of minor faults. These can be annoying. but they are usually quick and easy to sort out.  Sometimes failures are more serious, or a car will fail for multiple reasons. These problems are […]

Bridge works on Watson Street

As we reported the other day, there’s been all sorts of action going on outside Duffy Motors this week. Apologies for any disruption to anyone bringing their car in – its a pity we weren’t given any warning! Anyway here’s some pictures of the fun.

What’s the problem with smart motorways?

Ask most people in Manchester what they think of the M60’s new ‘smart’ status and you’d probably get a barrage of complaints about it. The UK’s controversial smart motorways have come under renewed criticism amid safety concerns following a notable increase in the number of near misses and fatal accidents. An investigation by BBC Panorama […]